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5 Hacks To Speed Up The Songwriting Process (And Come Up With Dozens Of Song Ideas)

The songwriting process can be a long, drawn out affair. The muse, as Bob Dylan said “cannot be willed, only welcomed”. Many songwriters can write a song in minutes, for others it can take months if not years to write something worth exhibiting.Dylan is a fan of quickly written songs. In an interview for Paul Zollo’s book on Songwriting […]

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Why Learning To Play A Musical Instrument Is Good For You!

Learning to play a musical instrument is not only lots of fun, it’s also massively beneficial for your health and well being. Anyone can benefit from learning to play music, no matter their age. Yet so many people are put off learning an instrument.These are the most common myths we come across. Let’s bust those myths! MYTHS ABOUT LEARNING TO PLAY […]

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