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7 Best Punk Albums To Own On Vinyl

Punk is a genre that always had it’s strength in the rawness of live shows. For a lot of punk bands, making music that sounded good wasn’t really that important compared to getting their message out. And often, the message was one of anger. The harsh economy, classism and the lingering aftermath of a series […]

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7 Best Reggae Albums To Own On Vinyl

Reggae is more than just a wildly popular Jamaican musical style. It’s a powerful symbol of the Jamaican spirit, and has been the medium of choice for a generation of civil rights activists and the Rastafarians.But there’s a lot more to Reggae than getting stoned and saying “One love” a lot. It grew from the […]

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7 Best Funk Albums To Own On Vinyl

Funk as a genre is quite hard to nail down. There were so many changes and fusions with other genres that it extended well past its conception in the late 1960s. Funk has had such a massive influence in more music than you can imagine since it first came to prominence, that even if you don’t […]

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